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High Tide

· Opportunities on the horizon · 

High Tide is a charity that was founded by PD Ports and Casper Shipping with the aim to inspire and connect young people and business on Teesside.

The Casper Group promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by actively promoting local shipping charities. Our Chairman, Kevin Shakesheff, is the co-founder of the High Tide Foundation. The Foundation aims to engage with the wider industrial community in the North East of England, delivering greater training, opportunities and employment prospects, raising aspirations of young people, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to establish a career in marine related industries.

The charity brings together industry and education across Teesside to provide an insight into how businesses operate whilst developing skills and showcasing employment opportunities. 

High Tide connects young people and businesses on Teesside with a focus to develop skills and opportunities in a structured framework providing measurable, long term results for all. The aim is to improve learning and employment opportunities whilst raising aspirations for young people across the region.

The High Tide Foundation is a registered charity, created and driven by port-related businesses to provide opportunities for the young people of Teesside.

Click here to find out more about this great local charity.